Privacy Policy

Clean Space Bahamas Privacy Policy

Our client’s privacy is very important to us.

Information collected during the customer billing process or expression of interest is our services will be kept private and will not be sold to ANY third party group under any circumstances.

Clean Space Bahamas has two methods of data collection. 1. Pay for services 2. Expression of interest.  Please note the following specifications related to each category:

  1. Pay for services – The customer’s name, email, phone number and comment (if any) is stored in our database to enable our team to communicate with you quickly and efficiently about your services. This is and will only be the property of Clean Space Bahamas and will never be shared with any person, company or affiliate.
  2. Expression of interest – First name, last names, email address and service of interest are stored in our database to better serve you when making enquiries about our services. This is and will only be the property of Clean Space Bahamas and never shared with any person, company or affiliate.
  3. Credit Card details – Clean Space Bahamas will never receive any individual’s credit card details. All credit card information is passed through an accredited international e-Commerce Gateway whose job is to protect individuals’ credit card information from vendors, hackers and any vulnerable link. For more information go to .

Legal events that may arise from purchasing services at Clean Space Bahamas can result in your information be shared with authorities guided by the laws in The Bahamas.

Clean Space Bahamas will use your contact details from time to time to inform you about new services and Introductory offers etc.  If you do not want to receive such notifications, you are welcome at any time to “unsubscribe”.  Find this link on the bottom of one of these emails.

If any of the information in this Privacy Policy you do not agree with please refrain from adding your information on our website.  Otherwise doing so confirms your agreement with this Privacy Policy.